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Technology and the fight against Alzheimer’s

Technology is something most people take for granted, but for people suffering with Alzheimer’s it can really be a life saver. Simple tasks such as finding their way home, remembering people’s names, remembering why they went to the shop and other such things can prove problematic for those coping with the symptoms of dementia. So how can technology help to make the lives of people suffering with this awful illness that little bit better? Smartphones are proving to be quite the asset.

Everyone has a smartphone these days. And what comes hand in hand with smartphones? Apps. You can get an app for almost anything. This is a great way for people with Alzheimer’s to keep their independence for as long as possible. Take walking home for example. It can be so easy for a sufferer of Alzheimer’s to forget how to get home. The answer? Google maps. Simply type in your address and it will give you directions to get home. It’s something we use every now and then when we are visiting a new place but rarely to get home – it’s something you just know. Sadly, for people with Alzheimer’s this isn’t the case and a simple app could keep them from getting lost, getting frustrated and being vulnerable.

Most smartphones have apps for surveillance too. One example of this is iPhone. There is an app pre-installed on the latest iPhones called ‘find my iPhone’. This is a perfect way for the relatives of a loved one suffering from the disease to always know where they are. Alzheimer’s sufferers can keep their independence and continue to lead as normal a life as possible while still being safe and giving their loved ones peace of mind.

Smartphones are perfect for anyone suffering with Alzheimer’s as they can keep so much of their independence from a single device. Sufferers can get stressed and angry at the fact not only is their memory failing them but they are unable to do things they usually took for granted. Such a simple thing can improve the lives of so many.


Written by guest blogger Natalie Wilkinson.

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