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ivanti UWM

Desktop environmental control

Ivanti UWM is a suite of products (formally known as Appsense) that allows optimal management of desktop environments be they physical or virtual.

Environment Manager

Environment Manager has two functions.

  • Profile Management (Personalisation)

Environment manager is used to create profiles for each application within an environment.  It ensures that only data that is required is retained and anything else is discarded when a user logs out.  This is the foundation of a robust profile management solution suited to scale.  It is considerably more efficient / reliable than alternatives such as Windows Roaming Profiles which are known to be problematic at best.

  • Policy Management

Environment Manger also benefits from a Policy Engine.    The engine is optimised for User based workloads and allows the application of policies in a far more efficient manner than that available with Active Directory Group policy alone.  The orchestration engine allows for conditional based triggers to determine how an environment behaves when certain conditions are met.  For example, if a certain application or process starts and a user has specific permissions it may be necessary to carry out an action or execute a script.  This approach can help dramatically if an environment relies on complex application workflows or complex configuration.

Performance Manager

This component monitors how resources are utilised within a multi tenanted (Session Host) based solution.  It allows significant improvement in terms of user density per worker device and minimises the risk of one user consuming 100% server resources, thus causing other user sessions to be unresponsive.

Application Control

Application Control ensures that only applications / scripts that are intended for execution are allowed to execute.  A key function is the ability to leverage NTFS rights to monitor user ownership, preventing users running under a non-administrative context from executing scripts that are downloaded from the internet or received via email as attachments.  This provides far greater protection for the likes of Crypto type viruses than anti-virus software alone. Since traditional AV relies on definitions being up to date, new virus strains are sometimes missed.  Application Manager and the user Ownership model prevent the execution of downloaded scripts / executable files unless they have been specifically allowed.

Ivanti Management Server

The configuration of Application Control, Performance Manager and the policy side of Environment Manger are configured with a file that resides locally on each device instance that is managed.  The Management server monitors and controls versions of both the agent and configuration file for each component.  The data for this is stored in an SQL database.

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