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Managing your gas and electricity contracts

Activ can manage the process for you to switch your energy contracts with ease, saving you money in the process. We analyse your current gas and electricity bills to understand your usage and requirements. Following this analysis we source the energy contract that’s right for your business, consulting up to 14 energy suppliers, including leading providers across the country to ensure that we’re always getting the very best deal for your business.

What does our energy service include?

Bill Validation

After you sign up with us, send us a copy of your new bill and we’ll make sure you’re being charged what was agreed.

Full Customer Account Management

We manage the full switch from your current contract over to a new one, providing you with a seamless experience with absolutely no downtime of your supply.

Service Streamlining

We can align all of your sites, services and contract end dates, to make it easier to monitor your energy usage and manage your spending across multiple locations.

Proactive Contract Management

We’ll monitor your contract throughout its duration to ensure that you never fall into rates outside your contract.

Proactive Termination Notices

If you choose to move from your current supplier, we will manage all communications to terminate your existing contract – taking everything out of your hands.


We are able to offer both Fixed Price and Flexible contracts depending on your business’ energy usage.

Fixed Price Contracts

By choosing a fixed price contract you will receive budget certainty for your business, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for the duration of your contract. Variable contract lengths are available, giving you the option to fix your price for 1 to 5 years. Any business can benefit from this type of contract, regardless of their size or usage.

Flexible Contracts

A flexible contract gives you the possibility to take advantage of a volatile energy market. Available for larger businesses with a higher energy usage, flexible contracts mean we buy energy on your behalf so you can make the most of market movements. Our specialist team will work alongside you to develop and choose a trading strategy and policy that reflects the level of risk you wish to take to suit your business. Traditionally, these contracts have only been accessible for larger companies but they are becoming increasingly available for medium sized energy users, so contact us to see if you qualify.

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