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move your water to Activ following deregulation

The water market for all commercial and non-domestic organisations (including charities and public sector) has now been fully opened to competition in England. This mean that users are now able to switch suppliers to secure a better deal for their needs, and are no longer tied to just their one local supplier.

Historically, only businesses which used more than 5 mega litres of water per year were eligible to switch providers, but this has now changed so that any business – regardless of usage – has the ability to switch. This will create savings and give the opportunity to receive better service.

The market in Scotland has been open since 2008, and businesses have been saving up to 20% just by switching their suppliers. England has followed suit, and now has the same ability to choose their own supplier.

Providing a complete solution for your business

Activ Technology can provide a complete water solution for your business by providing market comparisons from the top suppliers and offering a full range of value-added services, including revenue recovery and bill validation.

We offer:

  • A complete water solution for your business, from SMEs to large organisations – single or multi-site. For multi-site organisations, we can converge your bills into one, meaning just one water supplier and one bill.
  • The ability for businesses to choose from among more than 20 different water suppliers, making sure you get the best deal for your organisation.

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