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Are you prepared for new Data Protection Regulation?

The EU will be releasing a new General Data Protection Regulation law which will come into force in 2018. The new law will mean that all 27 European states will have uniform data protection legislation and, crucially, that non-compliance penalties will be significantly increased. With just over a year to prepare, it’s important that businesses take appropriate steps now to ensure the procedures, policies and documentation they have in place will be fit for purpose when the law arrives.

Many businesses don’t have the resource in place to create the necessary robust procedures, which is where the benefits of Office 365 come into play.

As your systems and technology provider, Microsoft is required to comply with the wide range of legislation and emerging laws, meaning that it is taken out of your hands. Office 365 is a platform provided by Microsoft which gives access to the full Microsoft Office productivity suite, combined with hosted email. All of this technology is hosted across four UK based data-centres, all of which are designed specifically to host the Office 365 product. This provides the highest levels of security and enables organisations of all sizes to benefit from deploying Office 365, safe in the knowledge that their data is protected.

Office 365 is available on a per user, per month subscription service from as little as £3.10. The cloud technology means that updates are deployed automatically, meaning you’ll always be running the latest version of Office software with the latest compatibility for laws and legislation. Users simply need connectivity, and they can access documents, emails and calendars from anywhere and using any device.

With just over a year until this new legislation is implemented, it makes sense for businesses to begin preparing themselves now. Activ would be happy to meet with you and discuss how the implementation of Office 365 could benefit your business, and remove the worry of conforming with EU legislation.

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