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Mentoring is critical for any growing business, says head of communications at Activ Technology, Andy Shannon

Coming from a military background, I understand the importance of working as a team and firmly believe in collaboration and mentoring. It is something I am very passionate about.

At Activ Technology I have the opportunity to develop the communications side of the business and to grow the department by supporting the sales team when it comes to data, telecom and SIP technology.

My goal is to establish growth through mentoring and I hold weekly workshops which are open to all in the business to inform and educate them on our full product offering. This also provides an opportunity for different divisions to gain an insight as to each other’s operation which, on a commercial level, is really important, as it helps facilitate cross-selling.

I have also introduced weekly client support meetings, which are held every Friday, where everyone across the business has the opportunity to explain where they are on projects and to give examples of best practice at work.

Mentoring is key for staff engagement. To attract and retain a loyal workforce you have to make every individual feel part of the team. We all learn at different speeds, so it is important that people have the time to grow and develop. My approach, therefore, is to teach and coach the individual and not the whole department.

As head of communications, I have a team of key people who have a broad range of experience and I know they feel the benefit from the mentoring sessions on offer.

As a growing business it is crucial that we are able to support all of our team with ongoing continual learning and this need will become all the more important as we move on to the next stage of our development.

The company also has direct partner status with Mitel, of which I have 18 years’ experience, helping organisations to simplify their business communications with on premise and cloud solutions.

By becoming a direct partner it means we are at the cutting edge of technology, with our customers benefitting from an interconnected network. My aim over the next couple of years is to get us to silver partner status.

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