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Dean Cowens, sales manager at Activ Technology, discusses the benefits of BT migrating customers to IP Voice

In 2025 BT will switch all ISDN lines and migrate customers to IP Voice or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) with the internet as the transmission medium or network for telephone calls.

What does this mean for customers?

Closing down its public-switched telephone network is a dynamic step for BT, marking a move to a fibre led network.

All customers will now use data over the internet but need to be aware of the changeover. At Activ Technology we work very closely with our customers and the aim is a seamless transition.

We would recommend that you do not wait.

We are able to provision new lines and port numbers with efficiency and speed. Voice data on the same line ensures half of the rental costs and money will also be saved on all call costs. Shifting from ISDN to sip technologies will also enable contact numbers to be retained.

2025 may seem a long way off but if you are looking for a new phone system or looking to migrate, the cost savings and functional benefits can be enjoyed now.

Technology is always evolving and Activ has recently become a Mitel Authorised Partner- enabling an organisation to simplify its business communications with cloud solutions.

Mitel is an industry leader when it comes to IP telephony and by partnering with it we are at the cutting edge of technology with our customers benefitting from an interconnected network which brings a host of benefits such as:

Sociability – the cloud can grow as your company grows making it easy to scale your phone system to your business needs.

Enhanced customer interaction – cloud phones can be utilised as more than just a phone system. They can provide a strategic focus naturally bringing competitive advantage.

Flexibility – Customers can use the cloud phone system from any location

Business continuity – Migrating to Mitel’s cloud communications offers backed up SLAs providing the security and reliability that you need.

By assessing your specific company needs, our designated account managers are in contact with customers to discuss the migration process taking time, resource and pressure away from users.

To find out more about the services at Activ Technology, please visit: http://www.helloactiv.co.uk/

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