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Age UK Northumberland

Service Offering: Mobile, Microsoft Office 365

Activ has introduced Near Field Communications (NFC) mobile technology with the Carefree Group across the charity’s 300 handheld devices, enabling care workers to check in and out of people’s homes as they complete their visits, bringing them up to date with location-based technology.


Activ has been able to help Age UK Northumberland to benefit from Microsoft Office 365, which allows personnel to work remotely and flexibly. Microsoft has donated the Microsoft 365 costs as well a huge reduction on the remote Access Software through the ‘tt exchange’ which donates technology to UK-based charities. Activ has also worked with the charity to streamline its IT and telecommunications facilities and continues to provide a technical support service.

What they said...

“We run the charity as a private business would be run. Quality of service is a main focus, as is working conditions for our team and of course, our financial performance. With those three things in mind, it made perfect sense for us to work with Activ and implement these changes. They have understood our challenges, and we are looking forward to seeing the difference with the new technology now in place.”

Gene Goodchild, Head of Support Services, Age UK Northumberland