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Box and Microsoft Office bring the very best in cloud solutions to your business

By collaborating their specialist software Box.com and Microsoft Office are changing the way that businesses work – enabling productivity to shoot through the roof and you to get the very best out of your employees wherever they’re based.

The combination of a cloud storage system designed specifically for businesses and access to all of the standard Microsoft applications (Word, Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint) means that you can now create, edit and share seamlessly within the cloud – working on new and existing projects with colleagues whilst at opposite ends of the globe.

With no more time-consuming downloads needed, no storage being taken up on hardware, and regular updates being deployed automatically it really couldn’t be any easier. Sharing links instead of sending insecure attachments will soon become second nature, and with Box’s document versioning tool you can be safe in the knowledge that everyone is always working on the latest file.

This move to the future is enabling businesses to succeed just through access to a browser, with there no longer being a need to have applications stored on the desktop. One browser and a comprehensive cloud solution – simplicity and productivity working hand in hand.

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