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Activ brings full integration to your communication platforms

Activ works in partnership with some of the world’s leading telecommunications manufacturers to provide state of the art phone and communication systems for your business. Technology is constantly evolving and in the world of telecoms there are now both analogue, digital and virtual systems available, which makes it increasingly difficult for you to choose your ideal phone system. By providing a full offering of Traditional, Hosted and IP PBX solutions Activ is able to ensure organisations make informed and reliable decisions to fit any scenario.

We’re able to meet the unique requirements of your company and propose a solution which can fully integrate your fixed line, mobile, desktop and CRM platforms into one system.

Traditional on-premise PBX

A physical exchange box on your company’s premises gives you a reliable and robust solution which will operate on both existing analogue and digital lines. This is a simple solution to install and manage, and is easily scalable to adapt to the changing environment of your business. The traditional PBX is an ideal solution for any business requiring full ownership of a cost effective and reliable telephone system.

Hosted PBX

Offering the same features as traditional PBX this hosted solution places the exchange box off-site and enables it to be serviced virtually. This makes it quicker and easier to add new features and deploy the latest upgrades, as well as minimising costs and expenditure through the offer of monthly, fixed line rentals of the hosted system and minimal capital expenditure.


Delivering voice over a data connection, VoIP is a solution which is available on both traditional and hosted systems with reliable connectivity. This option can dramatically reduce the cost of phone calls and considerably reduce the overheads of traditional line rentals. This system prepares businesses for future changes to the UK communication’s networks and is the best way to future-proof your business.

Get in touch today to have an independent review of your system and get your business’ requirements met in the best possible way. Call 0191 270 6010 or email sales@helloactiv.co.uk

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